Degasification – mobile combustion units for hazardous gases

Green, fast, safe. Ensure a low-emission plant.

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Digitising cleaning processes in food plants

Explore the Food Hygiene Audit app and better manage the cleaning and disinfection process.

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Decontamination of oil tanks – what’s new in the project?

New spray nozzles, correct application of the decontaminant and elimination of the ventilation process of environmentally harmful gases.

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Specialist industrial cleaning

Learn about specialised cleaning technologies in industry.

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About Climbex

For almost 30 years, we have been offering clients from the industrial sector comprehensive services in the field of specialized cleaning of industrial infrastructure, its renovation and servicing.

We support the production processes of enterprises, reduce the risk of industrial failures and implement solutions that improve the efficiency of technical installations and devices.

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About Climbex

Company is built by people

Over the years, we have become very familiar with the specificity of industrial plants, their needs and requirements. Many ideas for innovative services were created as a result of working together with the client at the facility. Thanks to this, we can constantly propose and deliver useful solutions that create great value for the customer and the specific industry.

As part of the cooperation we offer:


Constant support in maintaining the continuity of technological processes and a safe working environment.


Reducing the risk and effective repair of industrial failures.


Support in preparing facilities and infrastructure for site commissioning, ISO audits, and revisions.

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Reliable work planning, taking into account the specificity of the plant, safety procedures and limiting the time of installation shutdown to the necessary minimum.